Like a Dirty French Novel

Now I Feel

Don’t need anyone to beat me anymore. After the previous expulsions, I feel great. Somehow the void, completely realized makes me feel better. To put it bluntly: (and for me bluntly means in a made-up language that unifies all concept)-

—Now that R effectively makes his thoughts insignificant to him (by expelling from his internal to the external) and insignificant to the universe of all beings and things (by reducing the negative expulsion to a mere post on a blog), it doesn’t feel alone, but happy in the oneness with the zero-point of the universe (realized by making the thoughts priorly significant to R, completely insignificant through expulsion.) The zero and the one, the same. Then there’s only the zero, which is liberating. The previous state becomes an immature fiction expelled on Saturday 11:46 AM. And this state? Since the zeroed geist writes itself, it is eternal data flow—

Now I can go on a jog, and get some pizza.