Like a Dirty French Novel

Suey Park: Asian American women are #NotYourAsianSidekick →


So this is really interesting timing in light of my own very recent epiphany, which I got from reading Invisible Man, about feminism and structural racism/whiteness/patriarchy/power, and my own experiences as an Asian American woman, and I actually recently wrote a thought-piece about this whole thing for my American lit class, which I still have yet to read the feedback for because it was such a personal essay for me to write and I’m not ready to see what my prof thought of it yet, but anyway, just, yes. So fed up with Asian women stereotyping and tokenism and fetishism and model minority-ism and all that bullshit, so done playing into it. I am a strong Asian American woman. (and you’re gonna hear me roar… couldn’t resist)

my asian american film class was like all about this haha

Eternal Late Night Loss

I think of a recent breakup. I think of an ex before that. I think of not communicating with my grandfather. I think of how stupid I am to even express this. I think of unanswered messages, the blankness of a text box, the lonely AM hours on the internet. I talk to an ex for a long time, trying my best to convince her that she broke up with me because she lost interest in me when I “opened up” to her emotionally as she wanted to. She denies it forever with bullshit words of comfort. 


It’s Personal by The Radio Dept.
Clips in the video include:
Monica Vitti en «L’Eclisse» de Michelangelo Antonioni
Jeanne Moreau en «Ascenceur pour l’échafaud» de Louis Malle
Anna Karina en «Une femme est une femme», «Alphaville», «Bande à parte» et «Vivre sa vie», par Jean-Luc Godard
This song is full of beauty, seduction, & longing. I can’t think of better accompaniment to this electronic ballad than these cuts from evocative Italian & French New Wave cinema. If you have never seen any of these films, or heard The Radio Dept.’s Pet Grief, I highly recommend all of them. They all really stand the test of time.